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It is installed at the same time as the creation of a foundation Faculty of Engineering in 1987, material-based departments of many while other was born in the change of name and organization of the Department of existing, since its inception, the department super field with a keyword and material the laid for the purpose of education and research, in addition to metal materials and inorganic solid material unusual for its time, it was started as a department that research and education target composite material, an organic chemistry-based material.

 Future and current image of material Engineering

While maintaining the education and research system that emphasizes a philosophy from the establishment at that time, the basic science, respond promptly to the new demands of the times, the development of human resources and the creation of new engineering, and new industries that will play a leading role in the future of our country I will continue to perform.


Renewal of materials engineering education curriculum

Rather than material Engineering as a modification of the existing academic found in material system educational institutions of the related art, fully demonstrate the identity of the material engineering of "can approach with the overall basic science of all to the object called material" in order to fix the education system that may, we are working to change the curriculum. In addition, by incorporating plenty of exercise, established a system to learn "engineering that can be used" and "engineering live", students while feel the fun, the fun of material engineering, it and we have tried to instill the practical skills will continue.

Idea of science + α

In material engineering , it after having mastered the science -based professional education thorough , it will attempt to Haishutsu of human resources with the skills (plus alpha ) α +. And "natural " and " material ", " people ( people ) " is , I will fusion as an interface as learning the " basic science " . + I will function as an interface for the "social " and " material ", " person" is fused to α. In material engineering , to learn of + α in the Graduate School consistent education of Materials Science and Engineering Department , which is incorporated intellectual property rights , new business entrepreneurship , management , and marketing , to science -based university education up to this was a rare I will actively incorporating opportunities . In conjunction with the uniqueness of the method of education , began in 2004 in particular , " hands-on venture entrepreneurship seminar " has been well received as a new Faculty of Engineering education that shall be given a new perspective to my students .

All-round education of basic Engineering

The basic engineering department, for the purpose of brushing your firm autonomy and rich humanity, was placed in Hokkaido Oshamambe campus of Liberal Arts of the first year, we are based on boarding the "holistic liberal arts education." Taking advantage of this education system unique, even in the professional education in Noda campus, while emphasizing social and coordination of voluntary independence, and professional education in order to Haishutsu to society personnel who acquire expertise in advanced materials engineering we will go.

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Government-academia cooperation

Cutting-edge research is conducted in independent administrative institution that predecessor National Laboratory, who who have a degree plays an active part there is an agency study "adult". The tie-up as a joint graduate school of these so-called "national research" and increases the enhancement of university education, we are providing personnel exchanges and research cooperation in the Materials Science and Engineering Department.