Beyond the boundaries of existing engineering, aiming the creation of new engineering and new materials contribute to the development of the industry, make the development of human resources to contribute to society in Bath expertise of material engineering.

■It emphasizes the basic science (physics, chemistry, biology) as a starting point for teaching and research.

■ transcends the existing fields in materials engineering, we will work to expand the fusion of basic science out of the box.

■ I produced a creative talent that is familiar with basic science.

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Materials Science and Engineering to be active in the personal belongings


Here is interesting material engineering

Materials engineering are manifold also exit if diversity also entrance

Basic science as the entrance is used according to the problems to be solved both of physics and chemistry , earth science and biology takes advantage sometimes . There is also a material to be used in diagnostic medical and material that produces material engineering , knowledge of biology is required in the development of biomaterials such . High temperature and high pressure , which is one of the extreme conditions for the creation of new materials in the state in which a naturally occurring deep in the ground , gems and minerals that we in the eye is actually a product of extreme conditions such . The " make " the material to learn the biological sometimes , we learn to Earth . Diversity of the exit of material engineering Do not be say . All materials around us is the subject of research . There are a lot of material that has been active behind the scenes Nakaniwa . When you have to talk on the phone , the voice is transmitted through the optical fiber in the is converted into an optical signal , laid in the ground . Optoelectronic devices and semiconductor glass fiber , a variety has been used in there , each device is a gift of materials research .

Modern society is said to be opaque is in the chaos . Era of chaos that was once known
I will train the human resources to build a new world in a free taste of curiosity and ideas





Sep. 19, 2012

IOPselect, The Institute of Physics

Ordering and dynamics of the central tetrahedron in the 1/1 Zn6Sc periodic approximant to quasicrystal

June. 2, 2011

Young Scientist the Best Oral Presentation Award, 6 th Asian International Workshop on Quasicrystal

Diffuse scattering and phason modes in the Zn-Sc icosahedral quasicrystal

Jan. 4, 2011

Young Scientist Award, The Materials Research Society of Japan

Variety of magnetic properties in solids made of rare-earth icosahedral clusters

Aug. 12, 2010

The Japan Institute of Metals Murakami Young Researcher Award

For outstanding research accomplishment in the metal engineering

Feb. 15, 2010

Papers of Editors’ Choice, Journal of Physical Society of Japan (JPSJ)

Superconductivity and Structural Phase Transitions in Caged Compounds RT2Zn20 (R=La,Pr,T=Ru,Ir)

July. 11, 2008

Award for Best Student Presentation, 10th International Conference on Quasicrystals

Preparation and TEM Study of Ag-In- (Eu, Ce) Ternary Approximants

Nov. 10, 2007

Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan

For the discovery of novel low-temperature phase transitions in crystalline approximants




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